Your Account 

Here are some helpful links and instructions to help you manage your weekly vegetable box program account online:

Your account login:

Change your personal information:

Change your pick up/delivery location: This must be done the week ahead and no later than Sunday night of the weekend before you wish to make the change.

Schedule skip weeks and subsequent makeup weeks:   

Note: you will have to select and save your skip weeks then you will be prompted to choose which weeks you want to get a make up box.  Make up boxes need to be scheduled during the regular season so cannot be scheduled for a date after the season is completed and the changes need to be made by Friday night of the week before the box is due to come.

Customize your box:  

Note: Box customization can only be done Friday evening through Sunday night for Wed/Thurs boxes and Monday noon to Tuesday night for Friday orders. 

Any unused credits do not transfer to the future.  If you wish to postpone a whole box, use the postpone feature above, do not simply delete the items in your box since that will mean you lose the credits.

Make a payment online:  or if you wish to make a single random payment for extra box items you can log into your account at and then select manage payments, single payment, paypal, and enter the amount you wish to pay.