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Organic Vegetables - Strawberry Hill Farm

Our Online Market 

Our goal for the farm is to provide healthy, organically grown food to as many people as possible. Though many people love our weekly box program, it is not for everyone. As a result we built our online market to supply anyone who would either like to top up their their weekly boxes, or for customers who would rather shop weekly for specific items. 

We update the inventory of our online market every weekend with vegetables that are in season and meat and eggs that we have available. The list of available items varies, as we can only supply what we have each week. 

Most of the items on the market are from our farm but we also sell other products from local businesses. We would like to make it possible for you to shop from a store with variety, as well as support other local businesses. 

Home delivery is available within our delivery range and we offer pickup locations in Grand Falls, Florenceville-Bristol, Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton at a lower delivery cost. More information on this is included at the checkout where you will be asked to choose between pickup and delivery, where it will give you options for location and dates. 

To start shopping, click the link below which will take you to our store. 

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