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Vegetable Box Program

Fresh, Local and Organic 

Summer/Fall Weekly Veggie Boxes

What is the Box Program?
Our box program contains fresh, local and organic vegetables and berries that are grown on our farm and delivered to you weekly. We prefill your box, but it can also be customized from your account every week which means you are assured a nice mix of veggies, fruit, and berries, while you can also control what you get. It is a simple program that is designed to make your shopping for local food easier. 

What will be in your weekly box? 
We only sell what we can grow in season and fill your box with what we have available for that week. We grow over 50 crops allowing us to provide a box with lots of variety.  You can either receive the box as it is, or customize it to your liking from the swap menu. This flexible program allows you to optimize what you like and avoid waste. 

What is the benefit of signing up for the box program?
Our box customers have first priority for our limited items, while our online market gets what is left after filling the boxes.  (There are a few occasions when we have items available on our online market first but this is when crops start to ripen and we don't have enough for the boxes. For example: When we harvest our first 10 ripe tomatoes.)  The box program is the most cost effective way for you to order fresh, local and organic vegetables, as well as the easiest.

Fresh:  Directly from our farm to you.
Support Local:  Our family farm is located near Woodstock, NB

Know your Farmer:  Visit the farm and Follow us on social media
Organic Certificate:  Our farm is certified organic with TCO cert.
Cost effective:  By buying from the farm, you can get organic products at very reasonable prices
Convenient:  Veggies come weekly to a location of your choice from our list of options.
Home Delivery
 as an option:  We offer home or office delivery in several cities in New Brunswick  
On vacation - No problem:  Choose up to two vacation holds per season and double up future boxes.


The Details 

Our summer/fall season runs for 20 weeks. Mid-June to late October.  

Vegetable Box Sizes

Full share - A week's worth of veggies for an average family of four or two veggie lovers.  

Half share - A week's worth of veggies for a family of two or one veggie lover.  
The ability to customize your box gives the option of adding extra to your box. 

We offer home delivery within our delivery range as well as have pick up locations in Moncton, Fredericton, Saint John, Sussex, Woodstock, Florenceville, and Grand Falls for you to pickup your box. 

For more information on pricing, delivery areas, pick up locations, etc. simply click the Sign Up tab to start the sign up process.  This will give you the most accurate information and if you aren't ready to commit, you can simply stop before filling in your personal details. 

June Vegetable Box - Strawberry Hill Farm
July Vegetable Box - Strawberry Hill Farm
August Vegetable Box - Strawberry Hill Farm

Add Ons

We aim to fill as many of our customers grocery needs as possible. That is why we offer meat bags and eggs as an option to add to your vegetable box sign up. All of our meat is organic and pasture raised on the farm and our eggs come from organically grown, pasture raised chickens. For more information on how we raise our meat and eggs, please visit our About Us page. 

Organic Meat Boxes

Our meat boxes offer a large quantity of a variety of meat. You can choose between bi-weekly and monthly deliveries.

Our meat box options are: 

  • 3 Meat – A mix of beef, chicken and pork.

  • Pork/Chicken – A mix of pork and chicken.

  • Chicken – A purely chicken bag, with one or two whole chicken and some cut up. (Thighs, drums, breast, etc.)

Adding a meat box to your weekly vegetable box is easy and can be done in the sign-up process. The meat bags are an add-on item, so they cannot be ordered separately from the veggie boxes and are the only part of the program that is not customizable. 

3 Meat Meat Bag - Strawberry Hill Farm

3 Meat Example

Pork/Chicken Meat Bag - Strawberry Hill Farm

Pork/Chicken Example

Organic Free Range Eggs

Add eggs to your vegetable box program and they will come with your weekly box delivery. Our eggs are very popular due to their flavor and quality. They sell out quickly when our sign ups open and this results in a waiting list. Signing up early in the season will reserve your eggs for you!

Organic Eggs - Strawberry Hill Farm

Winter Veggie Boxes

Our winter box program contain a surprising array of vegetables making winter cooking fun and enjoyable at a time when there is limited local and organic produce available elsewhere. We include the staple items like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and onions plus lots of other great veggies like spinach, kale, salad mix, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, 5 kinds of winter squash, parsnips, garlic, beets, leeks, celery root, and more.  The box can also be customized each week to suit your needs. 


The program runs from early November to late February, skipping a week over the holidays. They are delivered bi-weekly for a total of 8 boxes but are larger than the summer boxes. 

Apart from the timing and contents of the box, everything is quite similar to the summer program. The delivery and pickup locations are generally similar and we offer both Full and Half size shares.  

Winter Vegetable Box - Strawberry Hill Farm
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