Winter Veggie Boxes

What do we offer during the winter?


We offer a bi-weekly winter veggie box program that runs from early November through February (8 bi-weekly boxes). These boxes are delivered to several central locations in the Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Woodstock, Florenceville, and Grand Falls  areas.  A full box is designed to provide 2 week's worth of vegetables for a family of four or for two veggie lovers.  A half box designed for a family of two. 

All our veggies are grown right here in NB near Woodstock.

For winter of 2020/2021 we will be continuing with the same system we used this summer where we "fill" your box then you get an email with what we plan to send.  You can then edit what is coming in your box to best suit your needs or you can simply leave it as is to come as scheduled.

To sign up for our winter boxes simply go to the Sign Up page of our website.

We have a wide variety of vegetables even in winter including Carrots, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, 6 kinds of winter squash, Cabbage, Leeks, Brussels Sprouts (most years), Kale, Spinach, Salad Mix, Onions, Celery Root, Rutabaga, Fennel, Kohlrabi, Garlic, and more.

We aim to send 8-10 items in each box and vary the boxes from week to week while sending staples like carrots and potatoes in almost every box.



Join Nollie as she talks about our box program.

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Summer/Fall box program.

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