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Disco Soup

October 15th, 2016 3:30pm - 8:00pm
On October 15th 2016, Strawberry Hill Farm does "Disco Soup".. and you are invited! 
You may be wondering.. what is a Disco Soup? The concept originates from the Netherlands, and was created to utilize food waste while connecting people through food, cooking, and music. Essentially, it involves making soup with community members, listening to music, and sharing the meal together afterwards. 
Food waste is an important issue that we are constantly faced with everyday. What ends up in your weekly vegetable boxes is only a part of all of the produce we have on the farm. Each week we have vegetables that we call 'seconds' that are unable to be sold. This is not because of lower quality, but rather is due to their appearance in the form of physical deformation, split product, un-wanted size or insect damage. While visually unappealing, these things do not affect the nutrition or edibility of the vegetables! At Strawberry Hill, we have excellent waste management systems in place that, for example, allow us to donate all that we can to people in need and to feed the animals we have on the farm. We feel that Disco Soup will be a fantastic addition to these systems!
We are giving our Community Shared Agriculture members the opportunity to tour the farm, connect with each other, meet your farmers, and participate in a wonderful afternoon/evening of cooking, eating, and enjoyment.  Along with the community cooked soup, we will be serving cold salads and rolls.
The event will be held at the Pembroke Community Center 5424 Route 105 Pembroke, NB. The community center has a capacity restriction, so we are limiting the sign ups to 40 members, including their families... so be sure to register quickly!! This event is free and we ask that people only register if they can make it to the event. If something changes and you are unable to attend after already having signed up, please advise us as soon as possible so that we can extend the invitation to other interested CSA members. 
Reply to this Email with name of CSA member(s) and name of every additional family member that will also be coming to the event. If two families are sharing one box both can come if they wish to. 
We are looking forward to meeting and cooking with everyone! 
The Strawberry Hill Team
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